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Contributing to the EPLTT

I started this book in 2001 with a core group of doctoral students. Each semester, I ask my current students who are using this book as their required text in my class to improve on the book by either making animations, recorded presentations, graphics, editing, or various other contributions. It has been in HTML until May 2007 when we converted it to this Wiki. I continue to provide this book to the academic community free of charge, but now I would like all of you to contribute back by helping me to continually improve the book. If you wish to submit a new chapter or if you see clear areas for improvements to existing chapters, please let me know through the discussion page (just click on the discussion tab above) and edit that page by providing me with your contact information and/or your idea.

If you are an instructor, you are welcome to take on one or more chapters as a class project. Just let me know and I will open it up for you. I would like to allow all authors to keep their chapters even if there are significant rewrites. Toward that end, if you would like to make modifications for a section of the chapter, we will create a separate section and link to it from the main chapter. For complete revisions, we will make the revision the main chapter and link to older versions from within the new.

You can e-mail me directly if you need a page setup.

About me

I have been teaching at the University of Georgia since 1989 and am currently an Associate Professor. I'm an educational technologist with interests in learning theory, instructional strategies, and culture, particularly as these ideas relate to instructional design and development. I have taught in Venezuela and currently run an exchange program in Brazil. In addition, I also edit two other web-based books. One is about how educational technologies are being used around the world (but has since been taken down). The other one is on the Foundations of Instructional Technology.