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I love the story of Robert and the learning style. It is such an interesting one and I guess it is time to gradually develop an educational model that would embrace a form of situated cognition and learning.

Academic curricullum in developing countries are still characterized by "straight jacketed" teaching methods. As a graduate of Mechanical Engineering (from a university in a developing country), I was not fulfilled. The course contents, in my opinion had very little, if any, relevance to workplace reality. It is sad to say that I learnt 3Dimensions from paper (a typical 2Dimensions source). Yes, Engineers are imaginative, but my imagination could not translate a 2D drawing of a pipe to 3D. A 2D object has only length and breadth while 3D has length, breadth and width. I left Mechanical Engineering and went on to work in the ICT sector.

Due to my exposure to ICT Project Management and the need to meet clients' quality, Quality Improvement and a sustenance strategy is what currently interests me. This interest now makes me to pay close attention to Community of Practice (CoP) and how it can be strategically used to support Process and Quality Improvement efforts. I even have a model that is undergoing review.