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Learning and Cognition Chapters

These chapters are called shorts. They tend to be 2 to 3 printed pages in length and are very focused on how that theory applies to teaching and learning.

  • Send me an email to let me know the content and I will setup a page Michael Orey.

Instructional Model Chapters

In terms of style, it has always been the intent of the ebook to be instructional. These chapters would go in the instruction section and all of those chapters begin with a classroom example told like a story. The text then makes reference to the story as it epitomizes the model. Some of the chapters actually tell two stories so that you can contrast your theory to some other more traditional model. The contrast can then be used in the larger text to help define the attributes of the model. In the actual text, if you can summarize the model so that it is easily applied to a lesson design that is also useful. For example, the 6 C's of Motivation chapter uses those 6C's as the model. When I go to design a lesson I then can ask how can I give my students choice, control, consequences, etc. In the cognitive apprenticeships chapter they summarize the model as modeling, scaffolding/coaching, articulation/reflection, and exploration. Once summarized, you can then expand on the elements as the text of the chapter and again make reference to the story that leads the chapter.

  • Send me an email to let me know the content and I will setup a page Michael Orey.

Images and Animations

  • Any image that would help explain a concept or idea in one of the chapters can be submitted. The only requirement is that it be gif or jpg.
  • Animations can be submitted that explain any process or concept. I require both the source and the published version. In this way, others can expand on your work in the future.
  • Also, you must identify where in the text it must be inserted and provide an appropriate caption so that the book remains accessible for everyone. Send all files as attachments to Michael Orey.

Manual of Style

This page is just for those who need to edit and maintain this ebook. If you are writing a chapter, you might find this helpful. Manual of Style