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Caption: Pictured is the Nikron Packing Factory along the river. There is a picture of a man working on a large printing press machine that published an article on the pollution coming from the plant.


Caption: Pictured is a dead fish in the river along with a citizen pondering the cause of the pollution. There is also a picture of a Nikron representative giving a press conference about the pollution and how the factory is open to the public.


Caption: Pictured is Mr. Samples, a high school science teacher who decides to use this as a real life crisis to teach his class about water pollution and how science can be used in everyday life. He poses questions to his students.


Caption: Pictured are groups of students from Mr. Samples class working on answering those questions posed by their teacher. They are researching and discussing possibilities while Mr. Samples monitors their work and guides them through with some ideas.


Caption: Pictured is the class of students coming together to discuss what they found and what other possibilities and strategies to use for finding the source of the pollution.


Caption: Pictured are students working in their groups again to do more research and extend their thinking based on the class discussion as well as more questions or things to consider posed by Mr. Samples.


Caption: Pictured is the class listening to group presentations about the research and discoveries made about the pollution. The students were then asked to put all the information together be ready to defend their findings in a mock trial. Audrea Bankston, Mark Caponigro, and Amy Wright (2007).