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Doubts, concerns and questions:

  • Can flash files be upload to the wiki?
  • Are we using authors' affiliation? And what would it be? UGA?
  • Some chapters have some instructional cases or scenarios. Do we need to separate those from the chapter, just like we did w/ case studies in WAET?
  • How can we get permission to upload files and change things in the wiki?

Headings 1

Standard headings:

Heading 2

Standard headings:

Heading 3



Table reference

We will adopt APA style tables, and the graphical style in the example below. Note that the first column is completely left align, and remaining headers and data are centered.

Table1. Name of the table
Heading1 Heading2 Heading3
Row1 1 2 3
Row2 2 4 6
Row3 3 6 9


  • Size - Two standard image sizes, 320X240 and 640X480, see placement below. Maximum size is 150kb
  • Format - JPG is preferred, though PNG is also accepted.
  • Naming - Suggestion: the first word of each chapter like: Information1.jpg, Bloom1.jpg, Piaget1.jpg, etc.
  • Caption should be written as Figure 1. Description. This must also be done during the uploading process where the description should be included (Figure X. is not necessary there).
  • Attribution - Images or graphics that were not created by the authors need to be identified. All images must be linked to an original source or attributed.
  • Placement
    • Large images - 640x480 max, should be placed centered, see Canada, Figure 1 as an example.
    • Small images will placed flush right. When small images do not align correctly, they can be placed in a centered table. When small images have little text and roll "alone" to the bottom of the screen, use a table [create a table(border=0. cellspacing=0) and put the image and the related text in the table text alignment=top (vertical)]. This should be an exception.


  • Notes should be numbered sequentially using a standard anchor tag: <sup>[[#notes|[1]]]</sup>
  • Notes link to a section below named "Notes" and are prefaced by
    • Each note should begin with the standard numbered bullet tag (which is #) which will make them numbered sequentially.

Long quotes

  • Use the wiki format for quotes: the code is < blockquote > and </ blockquote >