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I started this book in 2001 with a core group of doctoral students. The initial version included 12 chapters with no animations and very few images. Each semester, I ask my current students who are using this book as their required text in my class to improve on the book by either making animations, recorded presentations, graphics, editing, or various other contributions (there is no such thing as a completely free book!). It has been in HTML until May 2007 when we converted it to this Wiki. I continue to provide this book to the academic community free of charge, but now I would like all of you to contribute back by helping me to continually improve the book. If you wish to submit a new chapter or if you see clear areas for improvements to existing chapters, please let me know through the discussion page (just click on the discussion tab above) and edit that page by providing me with your contact information and/or your idea.

For the record, at the time of conversion to this Wiki (officially, July 1, 2007), there were 32 chapters (if you count the two Learning Communities and Cognitive Tools chapters as separate chapters), 131 images, 36 animations, 13 videos, 13 narrated presentations, and 6 Powerpoint games as part of the text.